Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A word from RAtheMC

I've been battling with a few things in life yall. I'd like to address one of them. Now most folk tell me to just channel my energy into song, but I'm a song WRITER. Writing is the first step in the process. So I'll just write right here, for now.

What exactly are we doing? As a culture? I am deeply concerned about the direction and existence of hip-hop as we know it. What's the last statement song you've heard on the radio? Probably "Jesus Walks" in 2004. 7 years later, there's no evidence that we are in a state of emergency in music, as well as in life. Now I'm all for celebrating success, but that doesn't give us the freedom as artist to negate the problems around us. The economy, white girl rappers saying "nigger" like it's cool, not addressing the poverty and violence within our own neighborhoods and communities, not addressing the increasing number of teenagers falling victim to the AIDS virus each year, etc. Artist are snorting coke and singing songs glorifying the devil like it's no tomorrow. I'm 25, very young and aware of the preference of my generation. I'm sad to say, we've digressed. The objective of every artist should be to expose society to itself. What exactly are we exposing? Today? Other than the struggle that artist are CHOOSING to live, or portray. We have more options and opportunity now than we've ever had. I really want to hear from the people, talk to me!